Studios for high-end audiovisual productions

Studios for high-end audiovisual productions

With more than 30 years’ experience, at Allard Studio’s we know what’s required. As such, the studios you can hire from us are all suitable for high-end audiovisual productions. We furthermore have an extensive stock of the highest quality photography equipment for hire. With us, any photo production and any TV or film shoot is always possible.

Professional and flexible

Anyone in the business this long knows how it works, in terms of technology and production, and common practice in the sector. And that’s what we offer. We not only offer professional studios for hire, we also provide production support, personal advice, and arrange all supplementary facilities so that your production can run properly and smoothly.

Supporting your production

Regardless of how well it’s planned, a production never goes as expected. So we’re on hand to help out, with our own transport service for picking up equipment or delivering it somewhere, for instance. And with a warehouse secured around the clock where hired equipment can be returned night and day. If you’d like catering to be arranged, or require decor pieces ready made to order, call us and we’ll see to it.

Always available

We’re aware that normal office hours are not your working hours, and so they aren’t our working hours either. As such, we can be reached at any time for any query, booking or for personal advice, seven days a week.