Nieuwe Hemweg 5C – 1013 BG Amsterdam

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Studio 1D
Nieuwe Hemweg 5C
1013 BG Amsterdam

T +31 20 606 17 00
M +31 6 5025 3263


Studio 1D
Address Nieuwe Hemweg 5C 1013 BG Amsterdam
Size (lxwxh)  20 x 16 x 6 meter
Wall X
Walkways X
Limbo 1  Yes
Limbo 2
Loading bay doors (wxh) 4,5 x 4,2 metre
Stroompunten 2x 63A CEE  (3x160A totaal)
Roof light X
Dressing and make-up room Available
Production office Available
Canteen Available
Free parking Available
WiFi Available
Chromakey (greenscreen & bluescreen) On request
Black curtains Yes
Meeting room Yes

Nieuwe studio in Amsterdam

Next to studio 1A and 1B and acroos studio 1B we have another new studio available. Studio1D, of course with all facilities like the other studios and a connecting door to studio 1A.

Wana rent this new studio in the west of Amsterdam? Don’t hesitate to contact us  op. We’re available  24/7.